Tips on Buying Wooden Stools

Since a fine wooden stool can serve both as a fully functional piece of furniture and decorative item, there are several things you should pay attention to when buying wooden stools including:

Beauty of the wood and design. Like every other piece of furniture, wooden stool reveals a lot about your taste for beauty. The latter is of course a matter of personal preferences, however, it is a good idea to keep in mind the existing furniture and décor when choosing between the many wooden stools available. A beautifully handcarved wooden stool which complements the existing furniture will both enhance its beauty and make a statement at the same time.

The intended use of the stool. For what purpose and where you want to use the stool should be taken into consideration as well when buying wooden stools. Wood is a beautiful and durable material but most types of wood are unsuitable for outdoor use because they are vulnerable to the weather elements, termites and moisture. If you would like to add a beautiful wooden stool to your outdoor seating area or perhaps use it in your bathroom, you are highly recommended to focus on stools which are made from teak. Unlike other woods, this tropical hardwood is not vulnerable to moisture or direct sunlight exposure and cannot get infested by wood eating insects.  

Type and quality of wood. When new, just about every wooden stool looks beautiful. However, there is a major difference between different types of wood in their performance and therefore it is highly important to pay a great deal of attention to the type of wood from which the stool is made. Just as important is to keep in mind that wood can be taken either from the sapwood (the outer sections of the log) and from the heartwood (the inner section of the log) because in some species, the sapwood is inferior in strength, density and hardiness. Such example is the above mentioned teak. While the heartwood (grade A teak) successfully withstands the exposure to even the most extreme conditions, easily lasts a lifetime and makes a statement with its uniform golden brown colour and rich grain, the sapwood (grade C teak) does not have any of the mentioned qualities and is even unsuitable for indoor use.

Quality of workmanship. The chosen stool must not only be made from a quality wood but it also must be made according to the highest quality workmanship standards if you want it to both last and look beautiful. Look for stools which are fully machine made or handcarved from one piece of wood. Handmade wooden stool may sound tempting, however, they are often inferior to fully machine made ones because it is impossible to be as precise with hand as with a machine. As a result, handmade wooden stool always come with some imperfections which do not just affect its beauty but can also affect its structural stability which can potentially be dangerous if you occasionally use it as a step stool.

Eco-friendliness. Forests are the lungs of the Earth and play an important role in the climate as well by absorbing carbon dioxide and other air pollutants while releasing oxygen. Help preserve the world's forests and choose wooden stool which is made from ethically sourced timber.