Wooden Stool – A Versatile Addition for Every Home

Wooden stools may not receive as much attention as other types of wooden furniture, however, they are a highly versatile addition for every home. Stool is a very practical piece of furniture and if chosen carefully, highly decorative as well. But let's take a closer look at its outstanding versatility.

Despite its smaller dimensions and lower height, wooden stool can serve as a fully functional seating. It may not offer as much comfort as "normal" chairs, however, it can be very handy when your house is suddenly full of guests. In addition to providing you with a place to sit, wooden stool can also be used to increase the comfort of both your indoor and outdoor seating area by providing you with a resting place for your feet. And if it matches the style and colour of the seating area, it will make it look even more inviting.

In the kitchen, wooden stool or better yet multiple ones are a perfect seating for the island. But wooden stool is also a practical addition for the kitchen itself as it allows you to take a seat while preparing the food as well as to reach the top shelf in your upper kitchen cabinets effortlessly. In the bathroom, wooden stool can serve as a dressing chair, a towel rack or a shelf. A stool in the bathroom will also be appreciated if you have younger kids because it allows them to use it as a step stool to reach the sink and the towels by themselves. And if you live with an elderly person, you can also add a wooden stool to the shower. It is crucial, however, to choose a stool that is made from a type of wood that is resistant to the harsh bathroom conditions and high humidity. A great choice is teak which is naturally resistant to moisture and will not get mouldy or rot even if you use it in the shower.

Wooden stools are often also found in bedrooms, especially those with a limited space because its small size and height allows you to push it under the dressing table. But besides offering a fully functional place to sit, wooden stool can also serve as a side table, coffee table or a pedestal to display decorative items, house plants or simply put away the newspapers, magazines or books which also makes it a great addition for the living room.

Wooden stool can also be used as outdoor furniture. It can be used as a place to sit, a resting place for your feet or as a side table, while its small size also makes it ideal for gardening chores such as weeding. Instead of bending or working on your knees, you can sit comfortably and make those unpleasant gardening chores more enjoyable. But since outdoor conditions are harsh to most types of wood, you are recommended to choose a stool that can withstand the exposure to the outdoor extremes ranging from intense UV light to rain and rapid temperature changes. Again, you cannot go wrong with teak due to its outstanding natural resistance to moisture as well as the damaging UV light and even wood eating insects.