Wooden Stools – Which Type of Wood to Choose

Wooden furniture including wooden stools reflect a unique sense of warmth and elegance which makes them highly decorative. Wood can easily be incorporated into just about every furnishing and décor as it tends to blend perfectly with its surroundings and makes a statement at the same time. But if you want to achieve the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, an appealing design of the stool is not enough. Aesthetic appeal of the stool is of course highly important but the type of wood from which the stool is made is just as important.

Wooden stools can be made from a variety of woods. Which one to choose is of course a matter of personal preferences considering that every type of wood has its own character and creates a unique atmosphere. The choice, however, typically also depends on the existing furniture and décor as well as where you want to place it. Obviously, the best effect is achieved if all pieces of furniture are made from the same type of wood. But considering that they can be painted into just about every colour you can imagine, you can also create a beautiful setting even if not all pieces of furniture are made from the same type of wood. For example, if your living room or bathroom is furnished with white furniture, it will look beautiful with just about every wooden stool regardless from which type of wood it is made.

Where you intend to use the stool is the second thing you should consider when choosing between the many types of wood available. The thing is that physical characteristics vary greatly from one type of wood to another. Firstly, there is a huge difference between the so-called softwoods and hardwoods. Like their name suggests, softwoods are softer than hardwoods (although there are a few exceptions) which, however, also means that they are more prone to damage such as scratches and dents. The majority of woods that are categorised as softwoods are evergreens and conifers, while hardwoods mostly come from deciduous trees. Softwoods are less expensive than hardwoods which, however, are not only less vulnerable to damage but they are also more durable. But if you want to enjoy the beauty and versatility of your wooden stool for years to come, choosing the one that is made from a hardwood species is not enough.

Indoors, just about all well made wooden stools including those that are made from a softwood species will probably serve their purpose and look beautiful for decades or perhaps even an entire lifetime. However, most types of wood including those from hardwood tree species are unable to withstand the harsh bathroom conditions and exposure to the outdoor elements because they are vulnerable to moisture, termites and UV light. Their lifespan can be extended with various protective coatings but far better choice are woods which are naturally resistant to the bathroom and outdoor extremes. The best choice is teak, a tropical hardwood species which is naturally resistant to moisture and UV light thanks to its natural protective oils which at the same time also repel wood eating insects.